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Monsoon Stone Edge: Development and Customization


We have had extensive experience in the last six years developing and maintaining large portions the Stone Edge Order Manager. From the cart import mechanism and the payment module, to the Avalara tax system, shipping and warehouse functionality. In recent years drop-shipping has become more important to Stone Edge users and we have developed custom integrations between Stone Edge and 3rd party fulfillment and messaging systems. DMA has also addressed CRM and marketing automation needs with integrations between Stone Edge and Sales Force and Infusionsoft.

Custom Coding

Recently: transformation of shipping codes from imported orders, special handling of product option codes, inventory synchronization across fulfillment centers, bar code related automated workflow, optimized pick and put-away lists, custom label printing - and much more. The need for line-of-business order and warehouse management software to be adapted to specific industry needs is large and we work closely with clients to meet these needs.

Integration and Automation

Automated integrations allow the user to extend Stone Edge capabilities while behaving as a larger single system. This is the way we approach core integrations between Stone Edge and systems such as Sales Force/Pardot, Infusionsoft, CommerceHub and Sitoa. When CRM and marketing automation are involved we also calculate key customer metrics to segment and target your sales and marketing efforts more precisely. If you believe that an automated process or integration would help relieve a process bottleneck, give us a call to talk it over.

Custom Reports and Data Migration

The last time we had a request for a "simple" custom report was probably when Bill Clinton was still in office. That's because there are some good reporting solutions on the market which satisfy most needs. We handle reporting requests at DMA - most require thorough knowledge of the Stone Edge data structures and the ability to use coding to execute the task. These include pick lists, put-away and replenishment reports, multi-part labels, scan validation lists, custom invoicing and more. Data cleansing, transformation and migration services are also available.

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