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About 8 years ago we began our consulting and development relationship with Infusionsoft when a colleague pointed out that they were solving the same problems for smaller businesses that we were solving for larger businesses. Since that time we have solved many workflow automation problems for clients by integrating with Infusionsoft from other line-of-business software systems and custom databases. Their passion for helping small businesses succeed is plainly visible and very real. The Infusionsoft marketing automation features are their sweet spot - excellent for maintaining communications with customers and prospects.

Infusionsoft Implementation and API Integration

Data migration projects and ongoing automation and integration solutions are where we have added the most value for Infusionsoft users over the last several years. Including industies such as medical and dental practices, medical supply, financial planning, clothing, general ecommerce, warehousing and logistics, nutrition and consulting.

Marketing Strategy and Automated Customer Communications

  Automate your business based on customer responses, purchases and requests to keep the pipeline filled with qualified leads and informed consumers. Nurture and upsell based on previous purchases and marketing metrics.

Segment, Provide Timely Value, Exceed Expectations

  People are not all alike. We all have different focus, concerns, priorities, values and attention spans. B2C communication that takes this into account can reach new prospects and customers with what they want at the time they need it.
A CRM software package should provide you with more than just keeping track of contact information, notes and invoices. The goal of our Infusionsoft implementations is help you automate the specific processes that will maximize your targeted outreach and orchestrate your client and customer messages.

It's All About That Metric

  Every business has that one secret ingredient - that one thing that can bring people in and generate satisfied customers. Is your a well-kept secret? Letting that message out of the box is the valuable role that marketing automation can provide.

Data Conversion and Migration

We have completed many data conversion projects to Infusionsoft, including from CRM and order processing systems, accounting software and SQL databases. The systems include ACT!, Goldmine, Sales Force, Redtail, Maximizer, Magento, Stone Edge, Outlook and other Infusionsoft apps. Read More...

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