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Data Conversion and Migration


We convert data between systems as stand-alone projects and as part of software development projects. The content may include segments of data such as
  • Contact Demographics
  • Company/Account Data and Contact Relationships
  • Notes and Activities
  • Appointments and Tasks
  • Subscriptions and Recurring Orders
  • Credit Card Accounts
  • Order History
  • Product Catalogs and Inventory Levels
  • Email History
  • Attached Documents
  • Lists and Segmentation

Data Cleansing and Filtering

Most often the data to be converted must undergo some transformation or cleansing (taking phone numbers and notes out of the email fields). Outdated contacts and notes often need to be properly filtered, segmented, archinved or purged. Emails often reside in different host apps and in different formats compared with the origin app. These are examples of the commonplace problems that arise and data migration services that we perform regularly.

Extracting Metrics

  We typically calculate and export related metrics (such as enhanced RFM marketing values) when converting data for marketing automation, sales team workflow and segmentation. With better information in hand you are better able to shine when the lights are focused on you.

CRM and Database Systems

CRM and order processing systems, accounting software, marketing automation software, fulfillment and distribution centers, drop-shipping management hubs, warehouse management and SQL databases are all examples of systems which we have migrated to and from. ACT!, Goldmine, Sales Force, Redtail, Maximizer, Infusionsoft, Magento, Stone Edge, Outlook, Gmail and more. Contact us to discuss your data conversion scenario.

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