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Application Development


Many programming languages and many projects later, our facination with business technology stems from the need and the challenge of creating efficient workflow enhancements in the workplace. We have had the privilege of working closely with both small and large businesses and many teams to create core line-of-business applications and automated integrations. Our business and workflow experience allows us to inject significant insight and value into our projects. Today we focus on solution design, product management and development.


Windows based forms apps and Web services, MS SQL Server, MySQL and MS Access database solutions, PHP based eCommerce apps, API development, C# and VB custom development and more. The technology changes as the industry matures. We are starting to build out certain apps using the MS Azure Cloud Services. The systems we have extended and integrate with include association management software, CRM and order processing systems, accounting software, marketing automation software, fulfillment and distribution centers, drop-shipping management hubs, warehouse management and barcoding systems, SQL databases and Web services.

Planning and Design

  The project analysis and design stages allow us to better understand the problem and the client priorities and focus. Planning discussions are open, collaborative and productive. Product maintainability has a high impact on the overall cost of software development and is considered early in the process.


  We work on solo projects, in collaborative teams and in conjuntion with domain experts, project managers and developers on staff with our clients. Agile practices are followed with client feedback considered at many intermediate steps.

Custom Software

Custom business software development has been our main focus throughout the lifespan of the company. Our product development and custom applications have solved many business problems and integration scenarios for many users.

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